We are very pleased to announce the launch of United Delivery Moving and Logistics (UDML) - the patriarch structure that will be promoting our active Licensees, their independent broker businesses and our growing national network.  

Continue to check back for detailed updates.


New Members Only Access

Because we have new Licensees continuing to join at different times, we are very pleased to share our new "Members Only" section of YouAreTheBroker.com.  This is where all of Joel's newsletters will be saved, archived, and arranged by date so you can always read, review, and learn from Joel's vast insight and experience.  There is no one better to learn from so definitely leverage Joel's experience and knowledge.  

Active Licensees will be issued unique login credentials via email.  After confirming your password, you will find the "Members Only 1" and "Members Only 2" tabs across the top navigation bar.  Please feel free to contact us should you encounter any login problems.  We're here to help!

Quick Courier Functionality and Opportunity

We are pleased to announce that our new functionality, "Quick Courier," which is designed to help Licensees manage small package and delivery services both individually and in bulk, is close to Phase I development completion.  Further developments will continue with a projected beta testing in the month of December. Continue to stay tuned for updates and further launch details.

Congratulations are in order!

In less than 24-hours since announcing our public launch, several dozens of inquiries from interested prospects have been received.  Thank you!  Even more, multiple prospects have initiated the enrollment process and are moving forward.  When these prospects complete and become active Licensees  we will have added the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington to our growing list of States with active Licensees!  

The growing success of each Licensee helps enhance and empower the prospective opportunities of our collective network.  Our entire team looks forward to working with our new Licensees!

Office "Public Launch!"

Today marks our official "Public" launch!  We look to partner with the best, most experienced and motivated entrepreneurs possible - those who can build a successful broker network which strengthens our national presence and opportunities.  

YouAreTheBroker.com is now available and offered to the general public.  If you are a serious candidate, Click Here to share your information and a member of our team will contact you to answer questions and offer further insight.


Look for various YouAreTheBroker.com promotions and advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and various other online media.