Franchise-Free Means More Money, Freedom, and Flexibility

Active Licensee Stops Franchise Investment in Favor of is a licensing opportunity and not a franchise.  Our goal is to teach and empower you to build your own thriving broker business according to your own vision, brand, desires, and effort, yet, still be a contributing member and beneficiary of our growing national network, the United Delivery Moving Logistics.

One active Licensee, a retiree looking to start a new entrepreneurial chapter, was very close to investing in a PostNet franchise before finding the opportunity.  After considering many critical variables, he abandoned his franchise investment and moved forward with starting his own broker business.  

As per this Licensee, some of the many critical factors that motivated him to abandon his hopes of franchising in favor of starting his own broker business include the following:

  1. Financial Investment: Enrollment Investment is only $20,000 as compared to the PostNet Estimated Investment of $186,000 - $228,000
  2. Annual Franchise Fees: requires a single fixed annual fee as compared to the continuous variable annual fees that include royalty fees, national marketing fees, individual marketing fees, audit fees, additional training fees, software and technology fees, and much more
  3. Image Autonomy: encourages you to create your own name, brand, image, policies and procedures as compared to the strict, overbearing franchise policies that mandate corporate image and uniformity 
  4. Service Autonomy: training system shares multiple profitable service types affording you the opportunity to build a flexibly and dynamic business model as compared to a stringent, restrictive, and uniform business model as per corporate guidelines and expectations


Click the images below to view some of the overbearing costs and regulations required to invest in a PostNet franchise.  Click here to view additional rules and restrictions via PostNet. 

Click the PostNet image to view additional franchise rules and regulations
Click the PostNet image to view additional franchise rules and regulations