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Technology is exponentially revolutionizing the delivery industry.  Expecting same-day or 24-48 hour service is the new norm.  In building a team of capable contractors,  you’ll  be  meeting demand while increasing profitability because you don't incur general overhead expenses associated with maintaining a fleet of vehicles or employees.

Express Moves


Contrary to traditional moving services with large tractor trailers and an expensive team of movers, Express Moves specializes in the under served markets where large moving companies have no desire or logistical interest.  Express Moves are much quicker and more cost effective; typically consisting of a two man team and a smaller box truck.

Other Services


Your greatest asset is your customer database - which is going to grow exponentially in size and afford you a phenomenal future sales opportunity.  The easiest customers to sell to are the customers you already have.  With this license opportunity, you're going to quickly build your customer database and increase your business opportunity.

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Why Become a Broker


Your Role

You are, essentially, a business consultant serving a vast numbers of businesses, retailers, professional facilities, corporate clients, independent customers and more.  With an exploding and dynamic economy, businesses and customers of all size are in need of a wide variety of products and services to include delivery, moving, and logistics.  By leveraging contractors and independent operators versus a traditional employee labor force, you're able to build a 7 figure business without incurring the burden of excessive overhead expenses, dealing with employee related hassles and headaches, or navigating overbearing rules and regulations.

You Are NOT An Independent Operator

You'll find that most "opportunities" offered online or advertised on television and social media are designed to bring you into their network and keep you serving as an independent operator.  They continue adding countless contractors to increase their net worth while you, the independent operator, remains working independently.  They make all the money while you simply earn a wage for your efforts.  Consider Uber, Lyft, and similar ride-share services.  The independent operator joins their network, bears all the expenses, wears down their vehicle, and after paying all expenses earns a nominal hourly rate at best.  With YouAreTheBroker, you are literally building your own network and making money from each of every one of your contractors and independent operators.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Unlike other "opportunities," with YouAreTheBroker, you are not building a job.  Rather, you are building your own custom network that generates work orders 7 days a week!  Our training system, and associated software and support, is going to teach you how to build diverse sources of revenue to increase your profit earning potential and employ a small army of competent, capable, and reliable contractors.  


Unlike those "other opportunities," as a broker, you ALWAYS get paid first.  You're literally the broker which means ALL work orders are processed directly through you - either over the phone or through your website.  Unlike other business opportunities, you're paid in advance, prior to initiating service, versus waiting to get paid when service is complete and then hope there are no issues with your customer's payment.  This process ensures your contractors and you NEVER take a loss.  Again, ALL money flows through you meaning you get paid first, then you pay your contractors.  It's impossible for you or your contractors to ever take a loss.  Further, you set your own rates for each type of service along with the rate of contractor commissions.  

Dramatically Reduce Your Overhead Burden

Using the YouAreTheBroker business model, all of your staff and operators are 1099 contractors using their own vehicles and equipment.  Therefore, you do NOT pay employee wages with associated taxes, worker's comp insurance, nor do you pay for fuel, vehicle insurance, vehicle payments, or maintenance.  Unlike traditional businesses, as a broker, you maintain a much more flexible, efficient, streamlined, and profitable business.  As one of our Licensees said, "This is a lifestyle business because you own nothing, control everything, and can operate from anywhere!"  

The FetchMozzo Platform

In addition to the key strategies and sources of revenue revealed in the YouAreTheBroker training material, the critical platform for your broker business is the FetchMozzo software system.  FetchMozzo is designed exclusively for brokers versus independent operators or contractors and allows you to control all aspects of your business from a desktop or mobile device.  You can establish itemized rates of reimbursement all types of service, set multiple rates of commission for each of your contractors, manage all of your work orders, data, statistics, and more.  

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Embrace Technology to Leverage a Growing Economy