How much does it cost to join and become a Licensee?

Approved applicants will pay an initial Enrollment Investment of $20,000 which includes all training material, exclusive coaching, and support.  Obviously, this is far less than the cost of a franchise, yet, ensures we only partner with serious entrepreneurs.  

What are the reoccurring annual obligations for a Licensee?

Unlike a franchise, there are no licensing fees, commissions, or royalties based on sales volume.  Active Licensees only pay for the annual subscription to FetchMozzo which includes all associated development, hosting, and tech support. 

How much money can I expect to make as a Licensee?

Revenue volume will obviously vary from one Licensee to the next and market dynamics of each location, but with such dynamic sources of revenue building a dynamic seven figure broker business is feasible and should be your goal.  

How long does the application process take?

After receiving your information, members of our legal team will forward to you a formal application and questionnaire.  Depending on how quickly you return this information with associated documentation, the approval process should not be long.

What are the licensing territory restrictions?

Active Licensees can operate their business anywhere.  However, License Agreements are issued according to zip code.  No two Licensees will be granted a License Agreement for the same zip code.

Can I license other zip codes?

Yes, Licensees wishing to secure the rights to other key zip codes need only invest in the annual licensing fee for that zip code versus investing in additional cost associated with the initial Enrollment Investment.

What is included in my Enrollment Investment?

All legal and administrative fees, all training DVDs and associated materials, one year of coaching and mentorship by an experienced Regional Director, assistance from Merchant Services and unlimited tech support.

What type of training will I receive as a Licensee?

You will receive unlimited one-on-one training by phone and email with an assigned Regional Director.  All Regional Directors are experienced in serving and managing contractors.  Active Licensees also have free access to periodic live event and training seminars.

Are there any hidden fees or long-term contracts?

Absolutely not.  There are no long-term contracts or hidden fees.  The Enrollment Investment covers all initial fees for the first year.  Reoccurring annual fees are due by the anniversary date of your Agreement.  There are NO hidden fees, commissions, or per-transaction debits.

What if I no longer want to be an Active Licensee?

You can cancel your Agreement whenever you like.  Again, there are no long-term contracts or obligations and we reserve no rights to your business.  However, we do not offer refunds, full or partial, on paid annual subscriptions.

What are the benefits of the Contractor mobile app?

You will assign all of your contractors unique username and passwords giving them unlimited access to their own web portal to manager their entire business.  The mobile contractor app gives them express access and convenience to managing their work orders.

What are the benefits of the Customer mobile app?

Through the training system, you will quickly discover that repeat customers are not only common, they are the norm.  Our mobile customer application gives your customers expressed access to processing transactions and creating new work orders.

Is website development included with the Enrollment Investment?

A professional website is absolutely critical for your broker business.  The vast majority of your work orders will be processed over the phone, but a large portion will be processed online.  

Maintaining a professional and fully functional website that is user-friendly from a desktop, laptop, tablets, and cell phones is absolutely critical.  It is equally important that your website is properly integrated with your FetchMozzo account to ensure you are properly receiving and processing transactions.

If you have access to a professional local web development team in which you are comfortable and confident in their services, that's great!  If not, our team of developers welcomes the opportunity to assist you.

Our web designers will utilize a combination of stock and custom images to ensure your website looks professional and stands out among the competition.  Custom images can be provided by you and/or created by our development team.  

Based on information you provide, we welcome the opportunity to create the general content and verbiage for each page to ensure you look polished, experienced and professional.  We welcome your feedback and insight to ensure the text and content meets your approval.


Development of your seven (7) page website is a single one-time investment of $899 and includes the following:

  1. Seven (7) pages at $95 per page = $665
  2. Setup fees including SSL certificate = $202
  3. URL processing = $32 

Monthly reoccurring costs total $35 per month and include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), regularly maintenance, and annual hosting.  Your one-time website investment ($899) and monthly reoccurring fee ($35 per month) are NOT included with your FetchMozzo Enrollment Investment.


Because trying to fix someone else's work can be a nightmare, our developers will only work on new websites and will not attempt to edit or repair existing websites.  If you would like to overhaul an existing website in favor of a new site, not a problem, our developers will be happy to assist.  

Putting your website together and making it fully functional for desktop, laptop, and mobile view can be done within a week or two depending on existing projects.  However, implementing initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the backend will take several weeks.  With your help and assistance in providing our team with necessary information and images, our developers can work to expedite delivery.

We welcome the opportunity to provide general modifications to your logos free of charge, as necessary, to enhance your site.  However, should considerable time be required for actual logo creation it will be billed separately at $55 per hour. 

Because development of your website is a custom project, requests for refunds, either partial or in-full, will not be honored.  

If you do not currently have a website and have not yet reserved a URL, not a problem.  We welcome the opportunity to offer suggestions in choosing the "right" URL for your website.  

If you currently have an active website that we will be replacing, not a problem.  We will ensure your URL points to your new site once complete.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are serious about enlisting the help of our development team for your custom website  development.

Our team of web developers are willing and able to help develop and integrate your custom website
Our team of web developers are willing and able to help develop and integrate your custom website