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We're in the Business of Building 7 Figure Businesses

Headquartered in Delaware, we have offices in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Currently, YouAreTheBroker.com boasts active Licensees in 29 states and growing.  

Unlike a franchise business designed to mold your business into the vision of someone else or a board of directors, YouAreTheBroker.com is designed to help you make money building a thriving business according to your unique vision, yet, still be a complimentary service in our growing national network, the United Delivery Moving Logistics. 

Further, unlike popular technology-based business opportunities such as ride-sharing and community-based systems, YouAreTheBroker.com is going to help you take advantage of market opportunity to build and leverage the efforts of your own team of contractors and independent operators so you're literally building a network versus building a job.

As an active Licensee, you're going to build a dynamic service-based network that helps businesses, retailers, corporations, and customers enhance their supply chain management by meeting their delivery, moving, and logistical needs.  

In a time of economic growth, expansion, and integration, businesses and customers of all size and location are in needs of supply chain management service and support to ensure operational effectiveness.  Your broker network will be one such critical component to their success.


Enjoy the following video to learn more about the growing demand for your broker business.

Joel E. Davis

Well versed and experienced in building million dollar businesses, Joel is author of the best-selling How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company ebook and founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group.  Joel continues to work with entrepreneurs and client-providers around the country and internationally in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), home care, and broker industries.  Joel continues to educate, advise, and negotiate countless contracts, service agreements, acquisitions, and more on behalf of his clients.

In 2008, Joel advised and assisted in the successful launch of an NEMT business for one of his client-providers.  In early 2011, this same client-provider re-enlisted Joel's help in maximizing what was a growing niche moving business.  Recognizing that in one year this client-provider was drawing a salary in equal value to that of his NEMT business of almost three years, Joel witnessed firsthand the financial opportunity and became intrigued.  However, in order to build a business that complimented Joel's lifestyle and generated targeted financial goals and objectives, Joel recognized the need to creatively restructure, modify, and further customize the overall business model that was inspired by his client.

Joel officially launched his broker business in late 2011 with a single box truck and crew.  Within one year he was operating three vehicles and as many crews.  However, in order to achieve greater goals of exponentially increasing capacity and associated ROI, Joel knew he had to transition his business to a contractor-based model.

In 2013, Joel's broker business was completely operating with 1099 contractors.  Further, because he was no longer carrying the overhead burden associated with vehicle operations and associated labor expenses, Joel was experiencing compounding margins.  Within three years, by 2016, Joel's broker business was operating in 5 states with dozens of contractors.  

Later that year, during a meeting a group of attorneys interested in opportunities in the NEMT industry, interest was expressed in the growing success of Joel's broker business.  After successive meetings in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, Joel accepted the opportunity to partner with this exclusive team of attorneys skilled in working with franchise and licensed business models.  Hence, YouAreTheBroker.com was born with the vision of leveraging, duplicating, and exponentially multiplying the success of Joel's broker business model.

Through vertical and horizontal growth strategies, YouAreTheBroker.com was launched with great success in 2018 to a series of exclusive and experienced business owners.  Now, in boasting active Licensees in dozens of States, YouAreTheBroker.com proudly welcomes the opportunity to partner with new and experienced entrepreneurs from various industries and locations.  

Joel Davis, founding member of YouAreTheBroker.com
Joel Davis, founding member of YouAreTheBroker.com