What Makes YATB Such a Unique Opportunity?


You Are NOT an Independent Operator

This stipulation cannot be stressed enough!  Like Joel did when first starting his broker business, it would be easy for you to get a box truck, fill it with a crew, and begin providing service.  But in so doing, you are not a broker and you would be burdened with all overhead expenses.  With such a scenario, you are an operator building your own job.  But with YouAreTheBroker.com, you are exponentially multiplying your capacity to build a diverse business model with half a dozen sources of profitable revenue.

You're FREE From Employees, Workers Comp, Department of Labor

If you've owned a business or managed employees you understand the burden of dealing with increased labor expenses, rules and regulations.  You're obligated to state and federal tax laws, worker comp, the Department of Labor, and more.  They tell you what you can do, can't do, and how much to pay.  But when you outsource to independent contractors, you free yourself of burdensome rules and regulations in favor of operators who are, typically, more motivated.  

You're FREE from Asset Management and Overhead Expenses

With almost every other industry, you're obligated to considerable fluctuating overhead expenses.  Especially when there are breakdowns or system malfunctions, it's very easy for cash flow and budgets to become overextended.  But as a broker, leveraging 1099 contractors with their own equipment and resources, you no longer carry the overhead burden associated with providing service.  Thus, your profit earning potential automatically increases! 

You're FREE from a Formal Office to Operate Remotely

Nothing is more liberating than not being tethered to a fixed location or formal office.  As a broker with no liabilities or centralized location, you're free to operate your business remotely from a laptop or mobile device.  Your schedule and freedom is controlled exclusively by you!

Your Network IS Your Net Worth

Unlike traditional transportation services, you don't have depreciating assets with reoccurring expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance.  Unlike real estate, you don't have property that you hope appreciates and you suffer no vacancies or major repairs.  Rather, as a broker, your net worth is determined by the size of your network and the relationships you build and cultivate.  Building wealth could not be more convenient, free of risk or liabilities.    

And the Absolute Best Part, YOU Get Paid First!

Unlike traditional business brokers or agents in other industries, you NEVER wait to get paid.  You don't work months, and months, or even years hoping for a closing to finally get paid.  To the contrary, with YouAreTheBroker, ALL money flows directly through you.  You literally are the broker and all money flows through you.  You get paid first 100 percent of the time and then pay commission to your contractors.  Both your contractors and you are protected and are never at risk of losing money.  Your earned commission is always guaranteed!